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Innovative learning solutions for all.

It's time to defeat
learning obstacles, for good.

Many people struggle to learn or help their children learn, whether it is reading, developing organizational skills, or critical thinking skills.

Quest Academics offers two cutting edge interventions that bring change within the brain: Bérard AIT and The Irlen Method. These learning solutions address root causes, not just symptoms, in a concise manner at a competitive cost. 

Our Learning Solutions

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Bérard AIT

Bérard Auditory Integration Training (AIT) is an intervention to correct or improve disruptions in the brain system that interfere with an individual’s ability to process information accurately and efficiently. This educational training system reorganizes the brain to improve auditory and sensory processing capabilities.


The Irlen® Method

The Irlen® Method is non-invasive technology that uses colored overlays and filtered lenses to improve the brain’s ability to process visual information.


It is the only method scientifically proven to successfully correct the processing problems associated with Irlen Syndrome.

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 Quest Academics launched with over 30 years of teaching experience and has offered innovative learning solutions to hundreds of clients.

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"Shortly after my son started using Irlen lenses, we began to notice a difference in his concentration, clarity of mind, brain energy, with less headaches and stressful eyes."

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