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Client Stories

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"For the first time, reading actually became fun for my child."

My child was diagnosed with Dyslexia during the 2020 pandemic when he was in remote learning. Reading was a huge challenge for him that brought on tears and much frustration. When I was sharing this news with a friend of mine, she mentioned I should consider getting my son tested for Irlen Syndrome. I had never heard of Irlen Syndrome but proceeded to do some research. Irlen Syndrome is a perceptual processing disorder. It is not an optical problem. It is a problem with the brain’s ability to process visual information. This problem tends to run in families and is not currently identified by other standardized educational or medical tests. I wanted to see if this syndrome could possible be affecting my son's reading fluency. I found that there are only two licensed Irlen diagnosticians in North Carolina and one is located in North Charlotte in the University area. Lori was so great to work with! After reaching out to her to make an appointment, she sent me a self-test to give to my son which I submitted back to her. After reviewing the self-test, she felt that my son could benefit from Irlen lenses. I took my son to a diagnostic appointment and Lori found that my son read better with a blue colored overlay. The overlay is a thin piece of colored plastic that the child places over the words they are reading. The particular color overlay is specific for each child (different colors can actually make it worse verses better to read). I could definitely tell a difference with his fluency when reading with the overlay. I couldn’t believe that it was that simple. Because he did so well with the blue overlay, I sent it to school with him. His teacher noticed a difference as well. I proceeded with the lens tint assessment and purchased Irlen Spectral Filters (tinted lenses) that were placed in a set of optical frames so that he could wear them all the time while at school. For the first time, reading actually became fun for my child. After my son had been wearing his glasses for ~ 2 weeks, he said he wanted to continue reading his book before bed. He wanted to read MORE. He said, “Can I keep going” and “This is so much fun, I finally understand what I’m reading!” Ummmm….. what? He wanted to read more?! Well, I almost cried. After the struggles we have had, I never thought he would ever say that about reading. It has given him such confidence and he now wants to read all the time. Lori was an absolute joy to work with. She was so personable, kind and compassionate. She was super knowledgeable and taught me so much. I enjoyed her company so much that I had to stop talking so that she could actually test my son! I am so very glad that we had my son tested.

"He has learned to advocate for himself and has become a very confident young man."

After working with my son in educational therapy, Mrs. Balbuena suggested that it would be beneficial to get Irlen Filtered Lenses. He was very upset that he would have to wear glasses; nonetheless, we proceeded to get him tested and evaluated. He received them the summer before school started, which gave him time to get comfortable and more confident wearing them. Soon his glasses became second nature and he wore them without having to be told to do so. Shortly after, we both began to notice a difference in his concentration, mind clarity, more brain energy, less headaches and stressful eyes. As school started his glasses helped to minimize the harsh bright lighting within his school. They also helped him while using his computer, phone, tablet and even while playing his favorite video games and watching TV. Academically because of him wearing his Irlen Lenses, his grades and test scores improved tremendously. He also noticed that if he forgot to wear his glasses that he felt "fuzzy"...less concentration, mind clarity and confidence. Currently my son is a junior in high school. He has learned to advocate for himself and has become a very confident young man. Thank you, Mrs. Lori Balbuena and for the Irlen lens glasses. We're so very grateful!

"My Irlen glasses have changed my life in ways I didn’t know could be possible."

I was introduced to Irlen six years ago and my Irlen Spectral Filters have changed my life. Before Irlen, I read in a robotic voice and stuttered while the words moved around. I could not comprehend anything at all. In my everyday life outside of school, simple tasks such as making my bed and putting my clothes in the hamper were very difficult tasks to remember and complete. Writing was my weakest area and it was difficult to put on paper what I wanted to say. I grew frustrated and shut down all the time. Six years later, I love reading all sorts of genres of books and can comprehend them and have wonderful discussions with others about them. I can go throughout my day without hesitating once as to what needs to be done. I stay organized throughout my day without feeling lost or confused. I have no issues with writing down what I want others to hear and read. My Irlen glasses have changed my life in ways I didn’t know could be possible. Irlen has become a part of who I am.

"I feel so much more hopeful now, feeling I know I can get through today."

I love my Irlen Spectral Filters so much. The second I put them on, I didn't realize how hard my eyes and brain had been working my whole life. I have had my glasses for almost a month now, and I am so in love with them. My headaches are less painful, and the migraines are much less frequent. I also struggle with visual snow and “floaters”, which have diminished a lot, and I thought that would never happen! They don’t distract me and demand my attention like they did. I was in tears when I first put on my glasses. I have noticed a dramatic difference in my mood—so much happier! I have an easier time regulating my emotions, and my depression isn't as bad as before I had my glasses. I feel so much more hopeful now, feeling I know I can get through “today”. I struggle with dyslexia and have been using audiobooks and the Read-Aloud audio accommodation for tests. But two days ago, I took a test with my glasses on, and I understood the questions and felt confident about my answers. My eyes don’t hurt anymore after reading. It is so amazing to be able to understand what I read. I am grateful that I got my glasses and will forever be thankful. They improved my life so much, and I've been trying for years to improve my chronic migraines, mental health, and learning disorders, and these glasses have already helped me so much. E. Kosofsky, 17 years old

"I fully believe that getting my diagnosis one of the most empowering decisions I have ever made."

My Irlen diagnosis and treatment have changed my life! My Irlen Spectral Filters helped me go from daily migraines to infrequent light related headaches. I went from straining to get all my class work done to within six months of my diagnosis landing $10,000 in grant funding for a summer of work in Europe ( 2019). My horizons opened, I graduated from Davidson College (2020) and then began my fully funded graduate program in Environmental Policy on the Gulf Coast. I graduated with my Master’s Degree in 2022, with a 3.9 GPA, and I wrote an 86 page thesis. This was particularly significant for me because these previously monumental tasks were no longer hard for me due to the Irlen Lenses. Now I am proud to say I am working in my environmental field as a Program Manager. My journey with Irlen has been humbling, but I fully believe that getting the information through my diagnosis one of the most empowering decisions I have ever made. They have helped me advocate for what I need to be successful. Even more importantly they have improved the quality and comfortability of my day to day life (wearing Irlen-tinted contacts). -A very happy master’s degree graduate.

"He ran around the house screaming, “I can see! I can see!"

Lori, I just wanted to let you know we have one happy boy here! He has been checking the mail every day, and today he came running in yelling, “My glasses are here! My glasses are here!” He says they are perfect! He ran around the house screaming, “I can see! I can see!!!” I will forever be grateful to Jaidyn’s 4th grade teacher that recommended Irlen Lenses to us! Jaidyn was struggling so badly in school, but he is so smart! When we first took him to you for his evaluation, I have to say I was not convinced, but as the exam went on-- I was amazed and delighted at his responses! He was like a child at Christmas! He read and read, he looked at the leaves on the trees, and went up and down the steps without falling! It was incredible!!! He now lets me know when the lens tints are no longer working properly so we can get them retinted. To watch him sit with you to find the right combination of lenses that work for him is amazing! Thank you for what you do! You have changed his life! Grandmother of 16 year old boy

"My daughter wouldn't have been academically successful without Irlen lenses." 

When our family was introduced to Irlen lenses, we were skeptical that it would help our daughter, but after witnessing her reading before and after, we felt a miracle was given to her. She not only was able to read fluently, she was able to comprehend what she was reading. She actually fell in love with books! She was also able to have complete thoughts and tell us about her day without jumping all over the place. I’m a true believer in Irlen lenses, and my daughter wouldn’t have been academically successful without them. -D. Vecchio (parent)

"None of other interventions I've tried have been as effective as working with Lori!"

My daughter was in a desperate place and was struggling to function even in everyday life. I knew that without intervention it would be questionable for her to be able to function well enough to live on her own as an adult. I looked for help for years and tried many other interventions at great cost to help my daughter. None of them have been as effective as working with Lori! We have worked with Lori for several years using the different methods she suggests. If she highly recommends you try an intervention such as Irlen, Berard AIT, etc. then go with it. My daughter had behavior issues, severe memory recall issues, ADHD, dyslexia, severe executive function issues, plus more just to give you a glimpse of what we were dealing with at home. This is not a complete list either! These problems were so severe that it caused issues not only in academics, where at 10 years of age she could not read, write, do math etc. but also in relationships. She looked healthy and well, but her brain was not her friend. I was so desperate. Did it cost money? Yes, but the amount paid seems trivial when divided over the years of my daughter's life where she can function in daily life, have great relationships, and progress in school where she is catching up to be on grade level. In fact with accommodations, it's possible for her to even go to college, whereas that wasn't even a possibility prior to working with Lori. -Connie R.

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