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The Irlen Method

Reading Problems and Solutions

ABC World News (3:30 mins)

Irlen Syndrome - A Bulletproof Simulation (4:30 mins)

Irlen Syndrome opened

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Perceptual Dyslexia, is it real?  (2 mins)

How is Irlen Syndrome detected?

Irlen Syndrome is a perceptual dysfunction caused by sensitivity to light rather than visual problems. For those who have  Irlen Syndrome, the brain finds it difficult to process full spectral light. This causes interference and perceptual distortions which disrupt the ease and efficiency of the reading process.


By working together with an Irlen screener, the first step is to be screened and determine if Irlen overlays would be helpful, and the second step is to work with an Irlen diagnostician to determine colors for filtered lenses.

Watch this sample distortion to experience Irlen Syndrome for yourself.

What is the Irlen Method?

Irlen screening involves an evaluation to determine which color overlay an individual needs to improve the brain's perceptual ability to read and comprehend written material. In order to determine if the individual has a sensitivity to a certain wavelength , (s)he will be taken through an initial inverview, then a testing procedure to determine the appropriate color, while utilizing the Irlen Method.

Once the correct color has been identified, a color overlay is placed on top of written material. This overlay blocks out the sensitive wavelentgh of light. The purpose of the overlay is so that the identified individual with Irlen syndrome will be able to read without distortions. Individuals with Irlen syndrome will see an immediate improvement when reading with the correct overlay. To learn more about the Irlen Method visit

Seventy percent of the information an individual receives enters through the eyes and must be correctly interpreted by the brain. Any problem in the way the brain processes visual information can cause difficulties in the general ability to function. The patented Irlen lenses filter out the wave lengths of light to which the individual is sensitive-- to allow the brain to process visual information normally.

Key Facts

Irlen Syndrome Affects:

  • 12-14% of the general population

  • 46% of individuals with reading and learning difficulties

  • 33% with ADHD

  • 33% with autism

  • 55% with head injury, concussion or whiplash

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